Who are we?

Henderson Consulting Polska Sp. z o.o. provides consulting - development services for international corporations and Polish companies.

One of the six directions of activity of the company is to deepen the problems and further empirical research and support for enterprises in the development of sales department employees in the range of deficits regarding their low level of commercial awareness. The creator and one of the Managing Partners of Henderson Consulting Polska sp. z o.o. is Mr Wojciech Sikora, who is indisputably a Polish authority in the field of diagnosis and development of business awareness in companies. The scope of activities of Henderson Consulting Polska Sp. z o.o. includes six key areas:

  • Diagnosis and development of the level of business awareness
  • Interim Management
  • Business strategy consulting
  • Studies of satisfaction and motivation of staff (ISMP)
  • Commercial, managerial and personal development trainings and workshops
  • Coaching based on the ICF and ICC methodology

Consultants, Trainers and Business Advisors are the value of every consulting-development company. From the very beginning of Henderson Consulting Polska sp. z o.o. we heavily emphasize this area, which is related to highest occupational qualifications of our employees and associates. We are confident that high abilities of consultants, trainers and business experts have the highest influence on the market successes of our customers, for whom we have been leading projects for 16 years.



Implementation of the first consulting-development projects for Consultants, Trainers and Business Experts working and cooperating with Henderson Consulting Polska Sp. z o.o.


Trained employees in all market sectors


Companies that enjoyed the services of Consultants, Trainers and Business Experts working and cooperating with Henderson Consulting Polska Sp. z o.o. in the last 16 years


Consultants, Trainers and Business Advisors working and cooperating with Henderson Polska Sp. z o.o.


One of the most sought after features of the training services market by clients in all sectors of the market as part of realizing workshops and trainings is the person leading the training who possesses two most important skills:

  • extensive practical experience gained through personal experiences in work on a top managerial position in a given sector of the market
  • strong training – consulting skills predisposing the consultants to working with a group

Basing on experience and market needs Henderson Consulting Polska sp. z o.o. has created a team of trainers and consultants leading trainings and workshops who originate from four main sectors of the market: fmcg, pharma, B2B, manufacturing. Rich portfolio of trainings and workshops is always individually matched to customer needs and expectations stated as part of implemeting each consulting-development project. As a company we specialize in several key areas when conducting trainings and practical workshops. Our offer includes many programs, such as:

  • Trade trainings including:

    • assertiveness in sales
    • sellers automotivation
    • ethical techniques of persuasion in sales
    • body language in sales
    • catman implementation at sales point
    • tools and techniques of telesales
    • sales negotiations – basic level
    • sales negotiations – advanced level
    • clients' demanding attitude
    • basic sales techniques
    • professional retail customer service
    • professional client needs research
    • product presentation – sale by advantages
    • CRM customer delineation
    • managing objections in sales
    • efficient direct sales
    • effective and successful telemarketing
    • the art of managing a retail customer
    • difficult business talks
    • advanced sales techniques
    • successful vindication rules
    • merchandising rules
  • Personal development trainings including::

    • accepting changes
    • personal productivity
    • ethical persuasive communication
    • knowlegde sharing
    • creativity
    • interpersonal communication
    • analytical thinking
    • responsibility
    • orientation at the target
    • strength and hardiness
    • assertive stance
    • public presentation
    • proactivity
    • development of creativity and creative thinking
    • problem solving

    Trainings and technical workshops including:

    • account management
    • Nielsen report analysis
    • key account management – basic
    • key account management – advanced
    • customer mapping
    • working with profit&loss tool
    • consumer behaviour psychology
    • creating a sales scheme per client
    • creating a sales scheme per region
    • sales teritory management
  • Managerial trainings including:

    • Managerial abilities academy
    • team building
    • basic coaching
    • advanced coaching
    • tasks delegation
    • employee edification
    • empowerment
    • employee motivation
    • implementing sales standarts
    • feedback
    • EQ Managers' emotional intelligence
    • basic leadership
    • advanced leadership
    • learning organisation leader
    • teamwork organisation
    • planning and managing the work of employees
    • tough managerial decision-making
    • working in a project team
    • work on employee attitudes and convictions
    • task appraisal
    • train the trainer
    • field training – coaching on managing a change in a division
    • tough superordinate talks
    • managing innovations
    • managing conflicts
    • project managing
    • strategic managing
    • stress management


Many of our Consultants, Trainers and Business Experts working and co-working with Henderson Consulting Polska sp z. o.o. have an international coach certificate awarded by two of the biggest coaching federations in the world: ICC – International Coaching Community and ICF – International Coach Federation.

A word on coaching: Coaching is an interactive process which helps individuals and organisations in accelerating their development and improving effects of their actions. Coaches work with customers in areas related to business, career development, finance, health and interpersonal relations. Thanks to coaching customers determine more specific goals, optimalise their actions, make better decisions and fully use their natural abilities

. Professional coaches provide persisting cooperation arranged specifically in order to help customers achieve satisfying results in their professional and personal life. Coaches help people in improving their achievements and raising the quality of their lives. They are taught to listen, observe and match their personal attitude to individual customer needs. Coaches strive to bring out strategies and solutions from the customer. They believe that customer is naturally creative and full of ideas. Coaches task is based on bringing out abilities, resources and creativity that the customer already possesses.

As Henderson Consulting Polska Sp. z o.o. we provide coaching services in following four main areas:


  • HR departments interested in hiring external coaches
  • CEO's, HR, managers and specialists who would like to use the services of a coach
  • Companies wishing to implement coaching
  • Companies wishing to train their managers in coaching
  • Employees wishing to avoid job burnout or seeking help in dealing with one
  • Companies interested in coaching workshops
  • Companies wishing to help out their employees by using coaching in one of following areas: Strategic planning, re-engineering process, building and developing a team, 360 degree feedback.


  • Owners and managers of small companies
  • Companies beginning their activity
  • Specialists working on private practice
  • People managing their business activity from home
  • People wanting to quit their big corporation jobs and start their own businesses


  • Employees changing their career path
  • People about to make an important career decision
  • People working in big corporations or thinking of such employment
  • Employees struggling whether to quit a big corporation job or not


  • Life plans
  • Visions of life
  • Exceptional care of self
  • Relationships (for single people, couples and families)
  • Health and beauty
  • Creativity
  • Financial freedom
  • Organisation
  • Problems with children, teenagers and university students
  • Attention deficits